Production Line Test
  • Industry's highest density for RFC2544 Throughput test
  • Depends on the specific model, Sidewinder enables 32 to 56 Ethernet ports. All the ports can generate Ethernet traffic simultaneously and independently. 
  • Control on per port or global. Up to line rate for any given port, 400Gbps for QSFP-DD port, 100Gbps for QSFP28 port, 25Gbps for SFP28.

  • Multiple users to access in the same time
  • Each port is independently controlled
  • Each user may control a subset of ports and no interference to others

  • User friendly WebGUI
  • Per port configuration on traffic pattern 
  • Configurations grouped in profiles, one click to switch among profile

  • Automation
  • Automation by OpenAPI and sample libraries in Python
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