Transceiver Test
Sidewinder = Ethernet Traffic Generator + BERT + Coding Box + Performance Compatibility Test
Industry's highest density and no snake test
Industrial's highest density 32 to 56 independent ports

Multi-mode and multi-speed : Mixture of 400GE, 200GE, 100GE (PAM4 & NRZ), 50GE (PAM4 & NRZ), 25GE, 10GE and breakouts at same time

10xOneToTwo or 5xOneToFour or 3xOneToEight breakout simultaneously

Up to line-rate Ethernet traffic generation and receiving

No longer snake test and easy to locate problematic transceivers
Most Comprehensive Breakout support
1xQSFP-DD to 2xQSFP (200GE/PAM4, 100GE/PAM4, 100GE/NRZ)

1xQSFP-DD to 4xQSFP (100GE/PAM4,50GE/NRZ)

1xQSFP to 4xSFP* (25GE/NRZ, 10GE/NRZ)

1xQSFP-DD to 8xQSFP/SFP* (50GE/PAM4, 25GE/NRZ)

* Requires external SFP to QSFP passive converter at breakout
Performance Compatibility Test
A transceiver may have different performance (BER, FLR, robustness, link stability) at various networking systems. Sidewinder provides multiple channel strength profiles, so as to emulate the channel characteristics of different network system to a certain extent. By testing its performance under different channel conditions, the compatibility margin of the DUT transceiver could be determined. A transceiver passed multiple profiles may indicate a strong compatibility to wider potential network systems in real application.
256 lane PAM4/NRZ PRBS generator and checker
Integrated PRBS generator and checker

BER test for 32 400GE QSFPDD at a time

No need for external power supply and coaxial cables
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